A group of people practising and learning Wehai Lishi Quanfa (pronounced “Way High Lee Sher Chwen Faa”) decided to get organised and make the benefits of the practise more widely available to benefit the people of Manchester.

This was in 1995. An association was formed.

In 2007 this association became the registered charity Manchester Lishi Arts (No. 1117714).

Since then we have received funding, and donations, from a variety of sources to run courses and workshops to teach people how to live in a healthier way.

Weihai Lishi Quanfa comes from China and is a physical practise of ancient science and philosophy. People who practise Lishi become fitter, healthier and happier.

Weihai is the small fishing village where the system was originally practised by the Li Family who passed it on from generation to generation. The last member of the Li Family, Chan Kam Li traded precious stones and sailed regularly from Weihai to London and it was here that he met and adopted a young Chinese orphan who became the next inheritor of Lishi.